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With wedding season always around the corner, shopping for the perfect gift for the bride is a real worry. If you are not someone who does cliche, we understand that opting for jewelry or flowers isn’t your choice. Hence we have rounded unique gifts for the bride.

The first step to curating or picking a wedding gift is to understand the likes, passions, and interests of the bride. Does the bride have a favorite hobby? Does she indulge in baking? Does she fancy luxury products? Or does she simply love all things natural & sustainable? She could also love exquisite wine or is a gym addict! Once you crack her likings, curating a personalized gift becomes much easier.

You can opt for the following gifts or recreate something completely different by taking some inspiration from the below gifts.


bath robesIf you’re looking to gift a feel-good gift, you must definitely consider a customized pair of plush robes. 

Why not make it a gift for both the bride & groom, where they wake up feeling fabulous every day?

This luxurious gift will instantly give them the 5-star hotel room feels. And matching colors for the couple to pose for twinning pictures would be a fun activity.

A quick tip: Look for a brand that makes 100% Turkish cotton for an extra soft feel.

2. Club/Gym Membership

If the bride you’re gifting to is a workout freak, or the couple enjoys trying out various outdoor activities, then a club/gym membership is your way to go ahead. It’s a great way to assure the couple stays healthy, and this could turn into a healthy hobby the couple can pursue. There are plenty of club and gym options that will help you curate a pack/access to different activities. This is not your conventional gift but the bride will be grateful for this one.

gym membership
gym membership

3. Airbnb Gift Card

We haven’t met anyone who didn’t find solace in traveling and exploring new places. Whether or not the bride is a world traveler, she ought to appreciate this gift card. The couple can then use the Airbnb stay—for their honeymoon, birthday, or simply an exotic getaway at a stunning property. Nationally or Internationally, an Airbnb gift card will push the couple to get that getaway they so wanted. There is no way this could Gift could go any wrong, so get that gift card!

airbnb stay

4. Personalized Home Decor

If she’s a decor hoarder, getting her something personalized will be valued forever. She could place it anywhere to beautify the place. A personalized doormat, pillow set, name board, apron and so much more! This is a practical gift with such a personalized touch that will be cherished forever.

personalised decor

5. Personalized Luxury Handbags

It goes without saying that a personalized bag is a true fashion statement. The bride loves all things bling and fancy. You know what to gift her! We are thinking of Fluffy Fendi Bag Bugs, Hermès Rodeo charms, and Louis Vuitton’s interchangeable straps. Today the brands are taking things one step further, allowing you to design your own bag from scratch and this is what will make your bride feel super special. 

Go ahead, create something marvelous and worth remembering! These ideas will truly help you curate the most precious gift for her.

6. Never say No to Diamonds

Diamonds are a Girl’s bestfriend. Big or small, nobody is gonna say No to diamonds. To add on, diamonds signify the epitome of marriage symbolizing eternal love. It works as an investment and something to adorn yourself with. Diamonds can never tone done your outfit,infact it makes it even better and more elegant. If you do have the budget for it, this is definitely a gift that cannot be beaten!

With personalized gifts, the advantage is that you’ve already won her heart by going the extra mile with customization! 

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