June is a month that offers the best of both worlds! Sunny and warm being one and the occasional calming showers being the other! If as a couple you do get lucky enough to experience rain, it helps cool down the wedding heat. As wedding planners, June surely puts up a challenge to plan a wedding. But the hardest climbs have the best views, right? If we play our cards just right, we often have a wedding shining in the warm sun, just after a brief drizzle.

Picking out a wedding date and a perfect venue to host your celebration becomes one of the most important decisions to make while planning your wedding. May, being a month of summer, and a transitional month between summer and spring, can be a great choice for your wedding. Booking your dream venue on the required date is a long and tedious process. Making this process easier is where this article comes in and helps you!

The Peacock Grove, a 2-acre nursery farm, is nestled near a 30-acre peacock forest, gathering its name from the forest, due to multiple sightings of peacocks. The space has a rustic feel, engulfed with lush greens throughout the property taking you back to the days of yore. The elements found around the property include stone arches, laterite stones, and swings to elevate the property to a heritage setting.