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We know you are stressed so we won’t take up too much of your time and straightaway head to the matter; how to destress yourself before your big day – The Wedding!

Stay away from the virtual world!

In other words, practice some digital detox. The last thing you want to do right before your wedding is scroll through pictures and news articles and random stories on your feed. While it may have always served to keep your stress levels low, we are totally against this idea because the one part of your body that needs the most detox is the brain!

Also, what if you spot something you would want to have at your wedding but however forgot to add to the list? The guilt and regret will eat you up and that is definitely not the kind of worry you want to add to your plate.

Flush out the stress in the most effective way - Meditate.

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It takes practice and time to master the real art of meditation yes, but who is even asking you to be an expert? All you need to do is calm your nerves by doing something simple like breathing or humming or chanting a prayer by yourself. The best corner to choose for this would be something that faces the skies such that you inhale as much fresh air as you can.

Pamper yourself

Side view of young ethnic female sitting in bathtub and drinking wine while enjoying spa procedure in bathroomNothing like a hot bubble bath while downing some chilled wine, or even beer! The hot and cold temperatures are the best way to make your insides feel relaxed while putting your mind to sleep in the easiest, most soothing way. Get your nails done, opt for a hair massage, get a sense-awaking body massage, or simply hang out with your friends to grab lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant. Do what sails your boat, it’s your day!

Get moving

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This is the fail-proof way to destress! Nothing beats getting the heart rate up to a point where you can hear and feel your own heartbeat. The palpitations help calm worried nerves by increasing blood flow and kicking in the adrenaline. Sweating is a proven way of detoxing and we find no reason why one shouldn’t think of getting some exercise to destress yourself while you lead up to the big day. Cycling, walking, indoor exercises, dancing, swimming, playing a sport – do what it takes to keep that glow intact girl!


Set up a calming environment

From scented candles to soft music to mood lighting, what your senses feel is how your insides react. There is nothing more comforting than some nerve-calming scents be it from scented candles or potpourri. The sense of smell is the best way to tame our senses the way we would want it to be. Music on the other hand is also a huge factor in setting up the mood of a person. Listen to some slow music or turn to nature sounds, there are quite a few options of music available that help de-stress. Find your tune and float to it!

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Pen it all down - feelings, moments, thoughts

Start a journal, and write down your story. In the years to come, you will thank us for suggesting you this simple yet lifelong replay of memories. There is no stronger power than words and what better way to etch the most nervous day of your life than to have a journal that has your feelings jotted down word for word? Go ahead, get yourself the cutest stationery, and get those words that play in your head, on paper, forever. 

Stay hydrated

A lagging mind and body will never help with stress. Your skin, your guts, your hair, and your pumping heart need some reassurance that it’s all fine and water does a great job at it! Gulp it down sip by sip or all at once, do it the way your like it. Carry a sipper (read: cute yet functional) along and set your hourly water-intake reminders (you get apps online for the same). If you aren’t someone who fancies water, how about some fresh juice or a hot cup of chai? Pro tip – try and stick to lemon tea for an acidity-free day.


woman sleeping on bed under blankets

Never underestimate the power of deep sleep. Yes, it is tough to get that much-needed beauty sleep that everyone needs to take before their wedding, but all the above ways combined can surely help you calm your nerves and get you a good 8 full hours of sleep! Keep aside your phone, take that bubble bath, light a scented candle, put on your sleep-inducing playlist, leave only the warm & soft lights on, and see how you lull into the world of dreams in no time!