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One of the first thoughts that run through the mind of a guest receiving a beautiful wedding invite is what to gift the beautiful couple. From the most extravagant of jewelry to emotional gifts wrapped in piles of letters or suitcases of all those hand-me-downs, weddings see it all. But if you are someone who wants to give it back to the environment and make sure that even your guests support you in your cause, here is what you can ask them to do.

Generally, memories are what they will take away after the wedding, but what about giving them a bit more to take back home? They come to your wedding with all their enthusiasm, and you make them leave with an even happier heart by showing them you care – for them as well as the future of the world. Gift them these eco-friendly return gifts and contribute in your own way to making this world a slightly better place.

Seed Bombs

If you haven’t heard of seed bombs, these are simply a cluster of seeds wrapped in a ball of soil and non-chemical clay that you can throw—like a ball! You do not necessarily have to order seed bombs but can actually make one of your own. Take 5 parts soil or compost, 3 parts clay, and 1 part seeds that you want to be planted. Mix it all together to form a ball, and it’s ready! The best part about seed bombs – throw them anywhere and it will give birth to the greenery in the area. Across the field, out of the car, over a fence, onto barren land, drop it on the divider or in the parking lot – these bombs are the best for the environment! Wrap them in a reusable and organic jute bag so they can keep their hands from getting soiled.

If you are really keen on gifting seed bombs as wedding favors, you can take your pick from Mostly Handmade. Into eco-friendly favors, they are all about gifting solutions for sensitive brides and grooms.

Jute Bags

Jute Bags are recyclable, washable, and made with fibers from the jute plant. It has been used traditionally as bags and storage sacks. Jute bags nowadays are available in plenty, in many different designs suiting many purposes like tiffin carriers, pouches, shopping bags, shoe bags, etc. Gift your guests a collection of jute bags to serve a different purpose

jute bag with soap

Reusable, personalized water tumblers or bottles

Plastics are the bane of this generation, something that the current society is vigorously working to eliminate from the face of the earth. Do your bit in this endeavor by encouraging your guests to do away with bottled water or use-and-throw cups, and shift to reusable tumblers. Gift them personalised tumblers with your wedding dates printed or embossed and hand them a memoir of your beautiful wedding.

Aromatic Candles using Natural Oils

To tingle the senses with the smell of your wedding for days after it would really be a very pleasant way for your guests to continue feeling the vibe of your wedding. Scented candles are cherished and loved by many, almost all. They subtly illuminate and leave a pleasant smell in the room.

Try out Illumine candles for their gorgeous variety of candles in a jar! Their range of aromatherapy candles soothes and relaxes the mind using 100% natural wax. We swear by their vanilla and coffee-scented candles!

aromatic candles
aromatic candles

Succulent plants or Feng Shui bamboo

succulent lady holding plantIf you love ecology, you surely love succulents. They retain water which means less water usage, they can grow indoors and they also look absolutely pretty when used as decor on top of desks, in bathrooms, or just hung on the wall!

Gift your guests a potted succulent along with a manual on how to take care of these beautiful plants, because not everyone has green hands, you see!

Stevia leaves

We all know the ill effects of sugar. There is no doctor or health advisor who would specifically ask anyone to take in sugar or its even more harmful chemically induced substitutes. Gifting your guests stevia leaves is not only an organic and eco-friendly gift, but it also shows that you and your soon-to-be are caring towards them, as well as the environment. All in all, it will be a great way to start inducing healthy habits in those addicted to sweets and sugary.

Organic tea/coffee

The quickest and safest way to rejuvenate oneself is by sipping on a cup of caffeine. Gift your guests a pouch full of organic tea or coffee (India grows some of the finest blends). Along with this, you can also give them some terracotta mugs to drink their tea from. Add to the package to make it complete a jar of cane sugar or jaggery to sweeten it up for them. Makes a very thoughtful and complete set way!

organic tea/coffee

Aromatherapy oils kit

Aromatherapy oils

Therapy oils are a great way to relieve stress and tiredness, and Indian weddings always bring a lot of it! The amount of stress before the big day and the amount of tiredness after the big day are proportionate. The best way to be relaxed without having to step out of home is by having a warm shower followed by a cozy sleep. Make it, even more, relaxing for them by gifting them essential oils – a pack they can use during a shower, and a pack for them to induce sleep. How about a set made of lavender and chamomile oils?

Bamboo bed sheets

Gifting bed sheets at a wedding is not something new. It has been in practice for centuries. In traditional weddings, the bride and groom have often been gifted household items to start their new home with all the essentials they need, including bed sheets. This time, turn the tables around and gift your guests with eco-friendly bamboo bed sheets. They also tend to keep any bacteria away since they are known to reduce bacteria from the bed. Isn’t that a great message to send out along with your thoughtful gift?

Donate towards building a better, greener ecosystem!

Instead of accepting gifts laden in plastic packaging (half of which probably won’t be of much use to you), tie up with an NGO that suits your soul and ask your guests to contribute there. This is the best way to not only do good and spread awareness on your big day but also not have the guests feel like they did not complete a ritual (gifting in Indian weddings is inadvertently taken as a ritual).

These are some of the ideas that we have, what else would you suggest as an eco-friendly favor?