Just like seasons of nature, weddings also take their turn around the year. You’ll know that wedding season is around the corner when all the ladies in the house start discussing wedding traditions, customs, attires, and so on! To be able to enjoy all that delectable food at the weddings that you’re bound to attend, maybe some sacrifices are to be made for a while before the season arrives.

Remember when we said you would wear that one dress from that one cousin’s wedding again? Are you sure that fits? Maybe it’s time to try it out. So, here is a set of seven easy things you incorporate into your daily routine to get fit for the wedding season. No drastic lifestyle changes, just small alterations. Follow this for the next few months, and you’ll be ready to rock the stage at the next Sangeeth!

Carry your bottle of water everywhere you go

lady carrying water

The benefits of drinking water can be a whole other article by itself. Our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers have been telling us day in and day out to ensure that we drink adequate amounts of water a day. But life happens and we forget. So, to make sure you remember, just carry your water bottle everywhere you go so each time you look at it, you know what to do.

Skip the lift, take the stairs

Red and Brown Floral Stair Carpet

The sight of the stairs may bring a frown to your face, but just that small bit of workout makes a big difference. Working from home for months has made our bodies lethargic, and we have to start somewhere, and little things lead to big achievements. So, choose stairs over elevators and walks to run small errands.

If you feel like snacking, pick up a fruit/almond

fresh fruits, bowls, fruit bowls

It’s common to want to pick up a snack in between meals, especially when we are involved with work and feel the need to feed our brain for it to work. For such instances, keep fruits in your vicinity or a bowl of dry fruits as a substitute for processed snacks. They’re healthy, tasty, and serve the purpose!

Stop sugar

Cutting sugar off your diet will automatically make you feel lighter because sugar intake bloats your body and the absence of that is felt greatly. It will not only lead you to consume a smaller number of calories in a day but also help you lead a healthy lifestyle in the long run. This is one of the hardest things to let go of, but think of all the sweets you’ll be able to enjoy at the wedding. They’re bound to taste better after abstinence from sugar! 

Set a schedule to sleep

Beauty sleep is not a myth. Sleep affects the overall functioning of your body. Without a good night’s sleep, you wake up with less energy and feel the need to consume energy through food to make up for the lack of it. Sleep is one of the most underrated factors in weight loss, but its contribution is undoubtedly massive. Small measures like setting a sleep schedule on your smartphones could be one way of reminding yourself to hit the bed early.

woman sleeping on bed under blankets

Eat slowly and Eat on a small plate

Being aware of what goes in your body helps us realize when we consume more than necessary. Without paying attention, your mind does not register the food that has gone in and assumes that you are still hungry. Therefore eating slowly is not just great for digestion, but also allows your body to register the incoming food.

The benefits of focusing on getting fit for the wedding season are plenty! Apart from feeling great about yourself, you’ll also be able to fit into all of your clothes that you never made full use of. Not to forget that in the long run, focusing on your health is always an advantage!