Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and scale. Typically visualized as large gatherings with events going on for about a week, Indian weddings ranging from the north to the south have been big affairs. But intimate weddings have now gained importance and are increasingly becoming popular, especially since the pandemic. While intimate weddings are not usually associated with Indian tradition or culture, couples are now leaning towards it because it gives room for personalization and, shifts focus from organising the large event to spending time with loved ones.

In India, community is what drives our culture. It’s the reason why we’re such a populous country and also why our weddings are so large. We believe in the ideology: Atithi Devo Bhava (the guest is god), and curbing down the guest list for a small wedding is a challenging task. Weddings are one of the most awaited events in households where family and friends come together to celebrate. But this paradigm shifted during the pandemic. Everyone was forced to cut down interaction. It became a necessity to do so but this also brought the realisation of quality over quantity. Having your closest family celebrate with you rather than half the town felt more genuine. After witnessing the beauty of personal celebration, intimate weddings have now become a preference to many couples and families.

But what is an intimate wedding?

Is it a small gathering? Does it mean no decor? Does it mean not wearing the wedding dress of your dream? 

Well, not really. An intimate wedding doesn’t mean to compromise on what you want, but it is a gateway to plan a celebration that is reflective of your love. So, every intimate wedding is different. 

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a few insider tips from years of planning and organizing weddings. Hopefully it will help you plan yours!

Set a budget

List out all the ceremonies you’d like to have. Create a budget based on the number of guests, the venue, and the wedding style. Discuss the budget with your partner and your parents. This way you will have a clear idea of the allocation. Remember, a small wedding doesn’t mean cutting down on expenses. You can have the wedding of your dreams and focus more on personalization.

If you are planning a destination wedding, allocate your budget for flying in your makeup artists, mehendi artists, and any other vendors that you are particular about. Make a realistic budget keeping in mind the season.

Say Yes! to a wedding planner

Although it might be a small wedding, it still involves all the planning, reaching out to vendors, organizing, and so on. Hiring a wedding planner will lighten the burden and it will also allow you time to spend time with your family before the big day. Reach out to wedding planners who specialize in small weddings since they’re more likely to envision your dream better than those who are accustomed to planning large celebrations.

Initially, it might seem like a wedding planner is not necessary but as the planning process starts, you begin to feel the mental load. It’s not a wedding until there are some last-minute changes, a bit of drama, and someone not responding at the nth moment. All this will be taken care of by the wedding planner, seamlessly. 

The dilemma of small weddings- Guests!

Deciding who not to invite could spark disagreements. And it is hard to convince family. One way to solve this dilemma is to create a different guest list for each event. For example, the Mehendi ceremony can be a ladies-only event, and important people who will not be invited to other events can be included here. 

This way everyone gets to attend a ceremony of the marriage. 

If you are wondering whom to include in the guest list, it would be the people who you cannot imagine your big day without. Apart from this, you can include people who are close to your heart. Extended family, coworkers, and friends who have not been in touch for a while can be left out. You can always catch up with them after the wedding is over or throw a party at home and invite them over. 

Location options are plenty!

Small weddings can be hosted in unconventional locations. You can pick a location as serene as beachside or as lavish as a palace in Udaipur, a beautifulresort, or even your ancestral home that is close to your heart. 

Location is not a constraint in small weddings because you need not worry about accommodating hundreds of guests. 

If you are planning a destination wedding, send out RSVP invites well in advance to get the exact head count to avoid any hiccups during or just before the ceremony. Your wedding planner will help you with this and other factors like logistics. All you have to do is to give them your guest list and keep them updated with any/all plan changes.

Take your time to lock in on the venue, shoot all your questions to them but book it well in advance. If the wedding season is approaching and you haven’t made the booking, then you are likely to lose the venue and maybe have to compromise. 

Choose a venue that not only fits your vision but both you and your guests are comfortable. 

Do it your way

Your wedding, your rules! Break away from typical traditions and follow your heart. Do you want a female priest? Or your friend to officiate your wedding? Or want to plant a tree to create a meaningful ritual? Or want to write a personalized note to each guest? Do what you want and what makes you both happy! 

You can also write your own wedding vows to personalize them all the more. Although it is not a common practice for many in India, couples nowadays prefer exchanging vows as another form of expressing love.

Do what pleases the both of you! The day is yours, make it memorable.

Virtual inclusion

Small weddings obviously mean cutting down on extended family or some friends but more often than not, the decision is tied with guilt. But thanks to Covid, we now know people can be included in the wedding without them having to be there physically.
You can send them a live link for the wedding. This way you allow them to send their love and blessings through a virtual link.

Don’t overthink it

It’s easy to get carried away in all the planning stress and totally forget to enjoy the little moments. It is ok if those flowers that you always wanted weren’t available, or if a particular decor piece couldn’t be delivered on time. Nobody is going to remember those little details and in a few years maybe it won’t matter to you as well. 

The special day passes in the wink of an eye. So it is important that you enjoy all the little moments without stressing over minor details.

An intimate wedding isn’t about downsizing but amplifying the connections that truly matter. Create a celebration that speaks volumes about your extraordinary love.

Remember, the most beautiful moments often bloom in the smallest gardens.

If you ask us, intimate weddings are the best way to go. From a planner’s perspective, we do believe that there is a lot more detailing involved, but we love what we do, and hence love the work, too! At The Tales of Tradition, we’ve been planning intinmat weddings since before the pandemic came along and made it a norm. Ensuring that the wedding speaks of the personality of the couple tying the know is one of our special powers!

If you’re looking for a wedding planner for your big day, then look no more! 

The spaces for your events are plenty, but how do you go about planning the wedding? While the property does allow your choice of vendors and wedding planners to come do their magic at the venue, We, The Tales of Tradition often take up various weddings and some of the services we provide are:

Wedding Budgeting: 

We handle all aspects of your wedding budget, to ensure it is planned as per your budget. Since we work with wedding vendors throughout the year, we make sure you get the best prices.

Wedding Stationery:

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Food & Beverage:

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Nature needs no embellishments! Peacock Grove is itself a set stage for a picture-perfect wedding. However, a celebration requires some grandeur and we are happy to oblige your needs on floral decor and other theme-based elements.

Photography & Videography:

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Wedding Purohit/Pandits:

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Bridal Services:

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Wedding Ceremonies:

Finding the right priest or purohit according to your customs, can be a time-consuming task, but we make sure to get it done. Striking off one less responsibility from your to-do list.

Music & Entertainment:

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Travel Logistics:

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