While planning a wedding, emotions get the better of us, more often than not, and we tend to focus on more glamorous things and the fun side of planning an event. To bring you back to ground reality and ensure you get your money’s worth while working with various vendors, here are a set of five questions to ask while speaking with any wedding vendor. It’s extremely crucial to know the people who are in charge of the most important day of your life.

Q1: How much experience do they have in the industry?

It is not essential that the vendor has a decade of experience in the industry. While they answer this question, gauge their enthusiasm and passion towards their profession, and this is enough to tell you whether they will do a good job or not.

Q2: Have you worked at this site before?

Various issues might arise on the day of the event, and knowing the wedding venue would help the vendor solve these issues without them coming to you. Even if they haven’t worked there before, make sure to invite them on your next site visit and introduce them to the venue’s staff so that they can communicate their needs without your interference. 

Q3: Do you have pictures of weddings done by you before? Can we come to visit the weddings that you are planning in the coming months?

Attending someone else’s wedding might be a bit awkward, but doing so will give you a clear picture of what your expectations can be. Pictures can often be deceiving, so watching your vendor work live is a good option, if available. Maybe you can ask them to call you over video if a physical inspection is not possible.

Q4: What is your cancellation policy?

The only constant thing in life is change. Being prepared for unforeseen situations, especially when so much money is involved is critical. Make sure you note down each vendor’s refund/cancellation/postponement policies on paper if not an email so that they cannot claim that they said otherwise if things go wrong.

Q5: Do you have references?

Talking to people who have been in your shoes before will be a calming factor while planning a wedding. No one understands you better and they will give you unsolicited advice regarding the vendor’s service. Therefore, ask your vendor to give you references of people whose weddings they have serviced for.