From Band Baja Barat to Made in Heaven, as much as we loved the plots, the decor, and the outfits, we see one thing in common; No matter what you dream of, your wedding planner will get that done. From your favorite floral arrangements to pleasing the anxious mother-in-law, you name it and you can consider it done. A wedding planner’s duties extend a lot more than that of just planning your wedding. A wedding planner is a fairy godmother that delivers exactly what you need and plus points for it not disappearing at the stroke of midnight.

Planning a wedding can be an extremely daunting task with the multitude of requirements and things that need to be set in order. The role of a wedding planner not only becomes designing or planning the wedding but also coordinating with the other vendors to ensure that everything is in order and goes according to schedule. Your wedding planner has a whole lot of tasks that they can do for you which would reduce your stress completely. Here are some of these roles and responsibilities.

Venue selection

If you don’t have a venue in mind, your wedding planner can always help suggest a venue that would be the perfect fit for your fairy tale wedding. They can help pick venues that fall under your budget range and having worked with these venues before, they would know exactly how to plan and design the decor in these spaces.

Wedding planning and designing

Keeping in mind your story and how you are as a couple is something a wedding planner does as they want to add a personalized touch to your dream wedding. Small elements that make the story of the bride and groom unique are always taken into consideration while planning and designing a wedding. From favorite colors and flowers to the exact elements that give life to decor, is all taken care of by the planners.

Catering and Menu planning

From arranging tastings to planning the menu, leave it all to your wedding planner. How much ever we break our head on the decor being perfect, at the end of the day,the first thing your guests remember is how the food was at any wedding. Working and coordinating with caterers sometimes can be an extremely tiresome task, considering multiple events and multiple ideas that come with it. When caterers work with wedding planners, they can come up with a menu that caters to the clients the best, and all you’ve got to do is sit back and snack!


A sangeet or reception is the best space to showcase your talent and nowadays, dancing on the sangeet night is the norm. In order to have a successful sangeet night, a DJ or EMCEE, maybe both is always required. From coordinating the performances along with a choreographer, month before the wedding, to getting a DJ or EMCEE that would match the family and do the event right, all of these tasks will be taken care of by your wedding planner.

Logistics and Transportation

If you have guests arriving from different locations at different times, imagine the headache trying to sort out their transportation! This is where the wedding planner and their team of minions will take over to ensure all the right people reach the right places at the right time.


Don’t know how to split the budget fully between different things? Don’t worry, your wedding planner will help you out! You can give a final budget, and your wedding planner will aid you in splitting the costs between different items. They’ll also ensure that you get your value for money with all the vendors.

Not long ago, the only wedding planners in sight were the families of the Bride & Groom. From deciding the venue to managing the decor; from deciding the outfits to hunting for the right jewelry; and from handpicking the gifts to getting their children married – the families did everything. Now all you have to do is contact one person for all your requirements and everything will be taken care of with a blink of an eye. This is why you need a wedding planner for your wedding.