Nestled in the heart of South Bangalore, The Tamarind Tree stands as an ode to timeless love and enchanting celebrations. With its heritage architecture, lush greenery, and an ambiance steeped in history, The Tamarind Tree offers more than just a venue – it promises an experience that transcends the ordinary. 

Whether you envision a classic outdoor wedding or a lavish reception in the historical courtyard, each corner of this venue whispers stories of romance and celebration. The tranquil ambiance, punctuated by the gentle melodies of nature, provides an ideal setting for moments of love, vows, and celebration. 

If you are looking for a heritage wedding venue in Bangalore to tie the knot, The Tamarind Tree awaits, to take you back to a bygone era! They offer different spaces to hold your events, and each promises an experience of its own, making it the best wedding venue in Bangalore.

Multiple Spaces to host your events 

Pond Pavilion

The cool breeze from the pond swaying across your face, leaves rustling a melody, and the sun offering the perfect spotlight- now isn’t that a flawless dream wedding stage? Well, that’s what the pond pavilion offers you! If open-air wedding is your dream, this is THE SPOT!

The tranquil pond offers the perfect backdrop; when you revisit your wedding day’s memories, it will be nothing short of a fairytale.

The Colonial Bandstand

A regal mantapa that enhances the rustic characteristic of this heritage space is the perfect spot to exchange vows. This place echoes a unique blend of past and luxury and is a timeless space for ‘seven steps’ with the love of your life!

This place can seat up to 600 guests and accommodates a floating crowd of 1500 making it a perfect spot for evening ceremonies like reception or cocktail parties. Under the star-lit sky and the gentle glow of the moon, you can sip a drink and dance with your loved ones.


If you are looking for a small yet luxurious space for your intimate ceremonies, the Vishnu Mantapa or Rangastala at The Tamarind Tree is the one you’d love!

For ceremonies like Haldi or Mehendi, usually, where only the near and dear ones are invited, this space can seamlessly host them. It has a capacity of 100-200 people and the enclosed private space has a Vishnu sculpture at the center hence, the name.


Athithishala is a place that reminds you of your summer holidays when you visited your ancestral home and played in the courtyard. It truly recreates the good old days. 

The Athithishala has 4 ornate mantapas each representing four important aspects of human life- Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha- that the newly married couple upholds in their life together. This space also makes it a great spot for an outdoor wedding, with enough space to accommodate 250 – 300 floating guests.

Nestled amidst greenery and away from the hustle and bustle, this dreamy wedding space will only give you unforgettable memories.

Stone Mantapa

A structure that stands as a serene backdrop for the pond pavilion, is also known as a traveller’s paradise, believed to be a place of rest and shelter for travellers from back in the day. This abode comes with a story of its own. A structure, remarkable for its strength despite having no binding material between its stone pillars, is further distinguished by the plant thriving on top of it, that still remains a mystery to all of us.

 A beautiful formation made by arranging stone pillars in a way that makes an ideal backdrop while the soulful Nadaswaram plays for the couple to be.

Heritage Villa

Accommodating up to 15 people and a floating crowd of 30, this is another great setting for intimate functions. It has 4 rooms open to sky bathing with a huge collection of traditional relics. 

At the heart of the villa lies a tranquil koi pond which is a visual treat! Every corner of this villa whispers tales of heritage, making it a great spot for your traditional ceremonies. 

Heritage Suites

Either to unwind before the big day or to get all decked up, there are heritage suites for the bride and groom that offer the stillness they need. The suites provide a luxurious experience with exceptional amenities. 

The vintage heirloom, lush green surroundings, and the melodies of nature are a blend that gives you the traditional experience with a modern touch. The suites give you the comfort of a home which is essential before the exciting day.

The spaces for your events are plenty, but how do you go about planning the wedding? While the property does allow your choice of vendors and wedding planners to come do their magic at the venue, We, The Tales of Tradition often take up wedding at The Tamarind tree and some of the services we provide are:


Wedding Budgeting: 

We handle every aspect of your wedding budget making sure that it is within the range of what you have planned. Since we work with wedding vendors throughout the year, we make sure you get the best prices.

Wedding Stationery:

Whether it is save-the-date cards, invitations, thank-you cards, or RSVP cards, we have got you covered. 

Food & Beverage:

With the number of weddings we have curated so far, we can recommend the best caterers that will fulfill your requirements. With our recommendations, your wedding feast will be as delightful as your big day!


Nature needs no embellishments! The Tamarind Tree is itself a set stage for a picture-perfect wedding. However, a celebration requires some grandeur and we are happy to oblige your needs on floral decor and other theme-based elements.

Photography & Videography:

As there’s a saying “Moments become a memory, the memory becomes a treasure”, with the team of award-winning photographers we work with, your special moments will be beautifully captured and will be a treasure to cherish forever!

Bridal Services:

Every bride will have a certain look planned for her big day, some are inspired by celebrities, or some might have planned their own. To make it come to life, one needs the best makeup artist. With the list of the best artists we provide, you can take a trial session and block them on your dates.

Wedding Ceremonies:

From the suggestion of priests of any culture to arranging all the items for rituals, we take responsibility. It is one less task off of your to-do list.

Music & Entertainment:

What’s a wedding without music?! From classical to DJ we will contact the artists for you. All you have to do is, take a look at the sample videos we share and tell us your choice. 

Travel Logistics:

While planning for the wedding, the couple might begin to feel falling in love was the easy part compared to this! Well, with the list of tasks pending, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and while you take care of other things, your guests will be picked up and dropped off at hotels or airports. Just make the request! 

These services provided by us not only let’s you enjoy your event but also gives you an experience of a grand carefree wedding.

Nestled amidst greenery and away from the city noise, this luxury wedding venue in Bangalore lets you escape the ordinary. It is a haven for timeless romance!

Be it a big fat Indian wedding or an intimate destination wedding, The Tamarind Tree awaits to host you! It is more than just a venue; it is a place where your dreams come alive. Steeped in heritage and draped in luxury, The Tamarind Tree is the best wedding venue in India

Weddings done by 'The Tales of Tradition' at 'The Tamarind Tree' Wedding Venue

Taj West Ends wedding venue
the tamarind tree wedding venue
Angana the courtyard
marigold over the wall for haldi decor
unjal/swing Haldi Decor

At The Tales of Tradition, we weave your dream wedding into reality, offering exquisite mehndi designs and comprehensive wedding services. Our expertise in intricate mehndi art and grand event planning ensures every detail mirrors your unique story. Entrust us with your special day for an unforgettable blend of tradition, beauty, and seamless execution. Let us turn your wedding aspirations into a beautifully orchestrated reality.