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June is a month that offers the best of both worlds! Sunny and warm being one and the occasional calming showers being the other! If as a couple you do get lucky enough to experience rain, it helps cool down the wedding heat. As wedding planners, June surely puts up a challenge to plan a wedding. But the hardest climbs have the best views, right? If we play our cards just right, we often have a wedding shining in the warm sun, just after a brief drizzle. Additionally, choosing to tie the knot in the middle of the year makes yours the highlight celebration as there are not a lot of festivals or holidays that can take the spotlight off you! 


Why Choose June for your wedding?

Regardless of the weather (a problem that can be solved with a few precautions), various factors play a major role in making June a great wedding month. If you’re one that resonates with nature, June boasts of multiple fruits that can be implemented to plan a themed wedding for you and your loved one! Jackfruits, cherries, peaches, and plums can act as excellent elements for weddings with a fruity theme. They also add a pop of color and interactive element to your whole wedding theme! You could go the extra mile and plan your wedding on World Environment Day on June 5th!


Flowers in June don’t fall short of anything but vibrant! Decorating your wedding with Hydrangeas, lilies, and sunflowers will brighten up your wedding and give you a celebration that’s lively and colorful!

Destination Guide to Host Your Wedding in June!


Darjeeling, West Bengal:

What’s a wedding without some tea and a mesmerizing view?
Darjeeling boasts of multiple tea plantations, with an amazing temperature, particularly in June. Does exchanging vows while the sunsets behind misty peaks give you chills? Then Darjeeling fits the picture of being a memorable place for you to look back at the big day. 

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu:

A romantic haven for weddings.
While the weather is chilly from being surrounded by lush forests, the serene lakes amid mist-covered hills also come in to witness your most important day. The need for decorations decreases as the beauty of nature compensates for most of it, making Kodaikanal an unforgettable experience for couples and guests alike.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh:

What a better backdrop than the Himalayas?
A wedding celebration steeped in peace and tranquility. Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful state with numerous lakes, monasteries, and snow-capped mountains which would make the most dreamy backdrop. Taking your seven pheras in such a divine place definitely adds to the gravity of the vows. 


Kausali, Himachal Pradesh:

Go back in time to the mid-19th century vibe.
Panoramic views of the hill station offer an amazing backdrop before which the couple can take their vows. Some of Kasauli’s venues range from rustic cottages to elegant resorts, built around Kasauli’s nature’s beauty. 


Almora, Uttrakhand:

Ancient temples and scenic landscapes, moderate temperatures due to the luscious greenery, a wedding hosted here would be beautifully decorated by nature’s beauty. A celebration amongst historic sanctuaries, and vibrant markets, the Kumaon region makes it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for not only the to-be-married couple but also the guests attending the wedding. 


MAY Calendar:

June wedding dates

Gujurati Wedding Dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in June to host a Gujurati wedding.

Gujurati wedding dates

Bengali Wedding dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in June to host a Bengali wedding.

Bengali wedding dates

Marathi Wedding dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in June to host a Marathi wedding.

marathi wedding dates june

Telugu Wedding dates:


29th June 2024Saturday
Telugu wedding date june

Tamil Wedding dates:

Tamil wedding dates june
Date Day
2nd June 2024 Sunday
9th June 2024  Sunday 
10th June  2024 Monday
12th June 2024 Wednesday
16th June 2024 Sunday
17th June 2024 Monday

These dates are based on our research, and of course the help of an astrologer. If you need to verify if these dates match for you, we’re happy to connect you with astrologers/pundits of your language and culture to help take this further.

To ensure small tasks like this are taken care of and have a carefree event, an event planner is just a blessing in disguise. With years of experience planning multiple cross-cultural weddings, NRI weddings, and celebrity weddings since 2019, we are well-equipped to ensure the perfect big day for you. Reach out to us for a conversation!

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