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Picking out a wedding date and a perfect venue to host your celebration becomes one of the most important decisions to make while planning your wedding. May, being a month of summer, and a transitional month between summer and spring, can be a great choice for your wedding. Booking your dream venue on the required date is a long and tedious process. Making this process easier is where this article comes in and helps you! 

A summer month and heat is the only thing you’ll need to tackle. Choosing Venues in relatively cooler places would surely do the trick. 

Why Choose May for your wedding?

Choosing to host your wedding in May can come with many benefits. Imagine a wedding filled with Jasmines, Bougainvillea, and Lotus. The colors, the scent, and the celebrations that come with these flowers! And that’s just the beginning. Flowers such as sunflowers, hibiscus, roses, dahlia, and lilies are some of the flowers that can also be added to brighten up during your May celebration!

Alternatively, as we host a range of cross-cultural weddings, we often come across people who have lived in countries that are cold and wintery round the clock. June is the perfect season to give them a reason to travel to India. To feel the warm heat, to lay back and soak in the sun, while getting their mehendi on can seem like a weddation! If you don’t like the heat, then plan a destination wedding among hilltops to escape the sun. Read on to find the best places to choose to plan a destination wedding in May!

Destination Guide to Host Your Wedding in May!

The choice between having your wedding indoors or outdoors, at day or night, is totally up to you and your fiance, and well of course, The Shubh Muhurtham! 

Here’s a small guide to all the locations/places you could choose to host your wedding in May:

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh:

If a place that boasts both history and beauty and fits your vibe, then think no further! A place formerly known as the British summer capital of India, Shimla hits you with a tint of chilly weather, in cottages nestled on hillsides creating a perfect backdrop and a colonial vibe for a rustic wedding. 

Manali, Himachal Pradesh:

This is a town with whispering pines and gurgling streams, villages with wooden cottages, and the Hadimba Devi temple. It’s a place with mysteriousness in its air and would be a perfect choice for a dreamy fairytale wedding.  Manali is bound to leave the guests cozy and comfortable, with a scent of fantasy in the air, making your wedding that’s one for the books.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu:

At the tip of Nilgiri hills, a mandap with a natural green backdrop of tea estate spread across acres, where the air smells fresh, surrounded by lush greenery, does make it to the pictures as a memorable wedding. Ooty, a place sought after for homemade chocolates, the chilly weather, and amazing hilltop views also becomes a haven for romance and relaxation. Your wedding will be remembered as an unforgettable vacation by your guests. 

Munnar, Kerala:

Take your guests on a curvy ride in the western ghats, with views becoming wider and higher as you drive up to the destination for them to arrive at a scenic and calm wedding. Waterfalls, lakes, and tea estates set a perfect fairytale wedding theme for a couple whose love story falls short of nothing of royalty.

Coorg, Karnataka:

Jungles, rivers, ancient temples – sounds like fun? A wedding amidst Coorg’s ambiance, a place known for its outdoor tranquility, can be a beautiful setting for a wedding with a love story as encapsulating as Coorg’s beauty. The overarching trees and the perfect weather are bound to leave you wanting more.

MAY Calendar:

Gujurati Wedding Dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in May to host a Gujurati wedding.

Gujurati wedding dates

Bengali Wedding dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in May to host a Bengali wedding.

Bengali wedding dates

Marathi Wedding dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in May to host a Marathi wedding.

Marathi wedding dates

Telugu Wedding dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in May to host a Telugu wedding.

Telugu wedding dates - may

Tamil Wedding dates:

Date Day
3rd May 2024 Thursday
5th May 2024  Friday
6th May 2024 Thursday
13th May 2024 Sunday
19th May 2024 Monday
26th May 2024 Wednesday

For a few years now, May has been a month with umpteen auspicious dates to choose from. This year, we’ve noticed that there are far fewer dates available with a shubh muhurta, making May a low-season month for weddings. While a couple generally has multiple dates for a wedding, choosing the date to host your wedding during the off-season would make your wedding hassle-free. Bagging vendors, easy booking of the venue and ample time to plan out your wedding with the planner are a few things that come as a package when choosing to host your wedding in a non-busy season. 

These dates are based on our research and of course the help of an astrologer. If you need to verify if these dates match for you, we’re happy to connect you with astrologers/pundits of your language and culture to help take this further.


To ensure small tasks like this are taken care of and have a carefree event, an event planner is just a blessing in disguise. With years of experience planning multiple cross-cultural weddings, NRI weddings, and celebrity weddings since 2019, we are well-equipped to ensure the perfect big day for you. Reach out to us for a conversation!


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