September auspicios dates

Whether it’s a cross-cultural wedding, an indoor/outdoor wedding, or an NRI wedding, auspicious dates are what come to mind when checking for dates for one that has Hindu roots. September, being the month of transition from monsoon to autumn, is perfect to see the transition of colors in the sky and all around.


What are auspicious dates?

Auspicious dates are also called shubh-muhurtham dates, to ensure a happily married life for the couple. Even if the new age couples don’t prefer it, the elders will always stress checking the auspicious dates just to rule out any negative impacts on the couple’s life. I mean why invite any mishaps?


Why choose September for your wedding?

It is a time when the weather is cooler and mild, perfect for having some beautiful outdoor weddings. If you’d like to cut costs, some popular autumn-season flowers in India include marigolds, chrysanthemums, salvia, zinnias, dahlias, petunias, sunflowers, cosmos, celosia, and pansies, these seasonal flowers help to reduce costs and ensure a gorgeous decor setting. 

Destination weddings

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding that is anything but ordinary? Consider it done, here is a list of a couple of places you can get your wedding energy on.

Bangalore: Known for its pleasant weather year-round. It’s the perfect place to have an outdoorsy wedding. If you like Bangalore and prefer the outdoors, you should explore the multiple venues that are known for their heritage and picture-perfect backdrops.

Goa: Beachside paradise, your thing? Goa is enticed with pristine shores and tropical horizons. A gorgeous setting for getting married as waves crash in the background.

Kerala: Yearning for a mystical and breathtaking wedding experience? Kerala, aptly called “God’s Own Country,” is your answer. Known for lush green beauty and mythical stories, Kerala is the land of the gods, and what’s better than getting married amidst them?

September HINDU Calendar:

September auspicious dates

Gujurati Wedding Dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in May to host a Gujurati wedding.

September Gujarati auspicious dates

Bengali Wedding dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in May to host a Bengali wedding.

September Bengali auspicious dates

Marathi Wedding dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in May to host a Marathi wedding.

September Marathi auspicious dates

Telugu Wedding dates:

Unfortunately, no wedding dates are available in May to host a Telugu wedding.

September Telugu auspicious dates

Tamil Wedding dates:

September Tamil auspicious dates



5th September 2024


6th September 2024


8th September 2024


15th September 2024


16th September 2024


Despite all that, auspicious dates shouldn’t be the primary concern for any couple to get married. At the end of the day, it’s each other’s support and love that can guide them towards any hurdles.

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